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5 study tips for 5th graders

Developing good study habits at an early age can play an important role in a student's success. In fifth grade, reading material often gets more difficult, the amount of tests can increase, and school demands in general may become more intense. Teaching students how to handle the extra workload can help relieve some of the pressure they may feel from school work. The 5 study tips for 5th graders below are a great start in the right direction!

Parents can encourage students to read difficult material or study notes aloud. To solidify comprehension, Mom or Dad can also ask questions or discuss the readings with the children.

Some students benefit greatly from creating a song or rhyme to help remember material that needs to be memorized. Another trick is to draw a picture to help associate a visual with a fact. For example, if a student is trying to remember the definition to a vocabulary word a picture can often help a student associate an image with the word meaning.

Parents may try enticing students with special tools or supplies used only for studying. These often help increase a students' enthusiasm, making them less likely to resist the work because of the small incentive they can feel excited about. Maybe students get to use scented markers to practice writing weekly spelling words or a special notebook can be used only when taking science notes for a big test.

Students may learn best if there is a designated study area. Parents can help children select a comfortable and quiet place that is away from family distractions such as other children playing or television.

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