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The National Assessment of Educational Progress reports that just 38 percent of 4th graders were “proficient” in math in the 2008-2009 academic year, and only 33 percent of 8th graders were the same. If your child is struggling with math, science, Spanish or really any subject, tutors can help.

What do top tutors have in common?

In general, you’ll find that the top tutors in a given field are subject matter experts with an understanding of the material that far exceeds what your student is learning in elementary, middle or high school—so rest assured that no question, thought or concern of your child will be left unanswered. Top subject-specific tutors are also able to assess the current strengths and weaknesses of the students they tutor, and then design lessons and homework help sessions that accommodate the child’s specific needs and learning style.

How to connect with tutors  

To locate tutors who specialize in particular subject areas, browse the subjects listed below. Next, narrow down your results to find subject matter tutors by location, hourly rate, and other factors. Read up on the backgrounds and experiences of the tutors, see reviews, and learn what makes them the top tutors in their field.

Find Tutors by Subject

Algebra tutoring - find algebra help online

Algebra tutoring can be a great help for adults or kids struggling with their algebra homework. Read on for information to help you find the best online or in-person tutor.

Biology help - find a biology tutor online

From worm dissections to a graduate thesis, a good tutor can help you reach your academic biology goals.

Calculus tutoring - find calc help online

Do you need to be rescued from your calculus studies? Learn more about the online math tutoring resources that offer calculus help--often for free--to students of all ages.

Chemistry tutoring - find chemistry help online

A chemistry tutor or tutorial program could help you finally understand those chemistry concepts that have proven so elusive. Find out more about strategies for finding chemistry help online and in your community.

Chinese tutoring - find a Mandarin, Wu, or Cantonese tutor online

Learning Chinese can seem as insurmountable to a native English speaker as scaling the Great Wall. A capable Chinese language tutor can help.

College math tutoring - find college math help online

In-person or online math tutoring can help you overcome even the most challenging college math obstacles. Learn more about finding a math tutor for your specific needs.

ESL tutoring nearby and online

Learning English? Help is available through language tutors. Whether an online English tutor or face-to-face help, tutoring can provide a boost to your skills.

French tutoring - find French language help online

Learn what it takes to be a successful French student and how to find French tutors, online or otherwise.

Geometry tutoring - find geometry help online

Math help for elementary school through grad school students is available online and in your community. Learn more about geometry tutoring options.

Japanese tutoring - find Japanese language help online

Find a Japanese language tutor or locate language learning resources online.

Language tutoring - find a language tutor online

Second languages can be difficult to learn. Find typical challenges by language, and learn how to find the right language tutor for you.

Math tutoring - find math help online

Math tutoring can be a great help and confidence-booster at any age. Learn more about online math help and other tutoring options for students of all ages.

Physics tutoring - find physics help online

Physics is helping to explain the intricacies of the world around us. A science tutor can help you better appreciate this field of study. Learn where to find a tutor and get science help online.

Pre-calculus help - find a pre-calc tutor online

If getting pre-calc help has become integral to your math success, learn how to approach your tutoring needs and how to find a pre-calculus tutor.

Reading help - find a reading tutor online

A professional tutor is one of the resources that can help you or your child improve your reading and writing skills. Learn how to find a reading help online.

Science tutoring - Find science help online

Just because science may be the century's biggest challenge, it doesn't have to be yours. Learn what types of science help are available, including online tutoring.

Spanish tutoring - find Spanish language help online

If you want to help your child excel in Spanish or need some help yourself, there are online and in-person Spanish tutors available.

Statistics tutoring - find stats help online

Looking for a stats tutor? Find the best places online for math help. From DIY options to stats tutoring, we outline some of the best math resources on the web.

Trigonometry tutoring - find trig help online

If you can't find the hypotenuse and are baffled by the sine, it might be time to get some trig help. Learn where to go for online math tutoring and free study guides.

Writing tutors - find writing help online

Writing tutors are available for students from kindergarten through graduate school. Find tutors in your local area or online.