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Search for Tutoring Help By Grade Level

With each passing year, the depth and level of understanding students are expected to master increases. Finding a tutor who specializes in a particular grade level can ensure he or she not only has a deep understanding of the subject matter your child is learning, but will also have a unique understanding of the pressures and developmental milestones children at this age face.

Grade level tutors are often experts in working with children and teens in a particular age group, and are keenly aware of how to help those who may need a little extra time and attention to pick up and understand grade-level material.

Should your child crave additional challenges when it comes to schoolwork, consider working with a tutor who specializes in the grade level above your child’s current level. These tutors may present your child or teen with a preview of what’s to come, and push him or her to learn even more.  Search for the right tutor by education level, and use the advanced search to fine-tune your tutor results by cost, distance, and more.

Search for Tutoring Help By Grade Level

College tutoring - find help with college courses online

Struggling with your college courses? There are numerous tutors and study resources available both online and in-person--if you know where to look. We show you the best places to find support, from online calculus tutoring to Spanish help.

Elementary school tutoring - find help for your K-4th-grader

Learn how elementary school tutors can benefit your K-4th grader and how to find the perfect person for the job. Includes an outline of key K-4 curriculum.

Graduate school tutoring - find master's, PhD or professional degree help

On the ascent to the top of your field, you're likely to encounter academic requirements that push you outside of your comfort zone. Clear these hurdles and keep your focus with the help of a graduate school tutor. Learn how a tutor can help, and how to find the right graduate tutor.

High school tutoring - find help for your 9th-12th-grade student

High school tutoring can bridge the gap from frustration to academic success. Explore available academic resources and learn how to find the right high school tutor.

Middle school tutoring - find help for your 5th-8th-grader online

Middle school lays the foundation for strong academic performance in high school and beyond. A middle school tutor offers science, writing or math help to support your child's learning. Learn more about the grade 5-8 curriculum and find available tutoring resources.